Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Guest Designer CTS #107

Happy Wednesday!  Wait...Wednesday?  When do I ever bug you guys on a Wednesday?  Well, this week is a bit of an exception.  You see, we had a couple issues getting our guest designer's cards to you this week and I didn't want you to miss out on them.  Now that I have stolen my son's computer, I can share the fun with you.  I figured it would give you that extra bit of motivation before the challenge ends, right?  So, here's our guest designer this week, Char.  She even wrote a little blurb about herself for you guys.  ;)

Hi friends! So happy to be here as Guest Designer! I am honored more then you now! I have been making cards since 2008.  I have met so many wonderful friends in blogland and love the tight knit group we are! In my spare time I also make jewerly, paint, and enjoy my grandkids! I have three wonderful grandaughters, the youngest being 7 months! I love the ocean, and walking in the mountains too! Thank you Chrissy and the DT so much!!!

Isn't she the sweetest?  Poor Char hasn't been feeling so hot lately and found out that she has gallstones.  If any of you have felt the pains of gallbladder attacks, you can totally sympathize and, boy, do I know how she feels...ouch.  So, make sure you head to her blog, Expressions of Me, to congratulate her on the GD spot and to wish her well.  We hope you get that pesky gallbladder out soon, Char! 

Char had two cards to show off this week's sketch and we think you'll love them. 

Gorgeous, aren't they?  Well, I hope you enjoyed this Wednesday addition of CAS(E) this Sketch!  I sure hope my computer gets fixed soon.  Luckily, I can steal my son's but he isn't liking it too much.  Have fun with the sketch, get well quick Char, and we'll see you all tomorrow with another fun sketch!  Have a great one.


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